Anchor - Assessing for Core Motivating factors
Anchor Assessment
It’s a huge challenge in Hiring to determine “what motivates people”?
Companies want people who are motivated by Learning, Stability & Achievement. This creates intrinsic value for the organization. Companies are however, wary about hiring people who are motivated by Money & Social Status. Such people tend to lack commitment and jump the ship quickly.
It appears very challenging for Companies to assess intrinsic motivational drivers accurately and that too at scale. Is it even possible?
Yes, it is. Anchor is a proprietary assessment from Planet Ganges that measures “motivational anchors” of people accurately.

Anchor Assessment

  • People have different motivational drivers or anchors
  • From the context of hiring & retention, we have classified Learning, Stability & Achievement (LSA) as desirable motivational anchors
  • Similarly, from the context of hiring & retention, we have classified Money & Social Status (MSS) as less desirable motivational anchors
  • Anchor Assessment provides you the LSA and MSS score of a candidate
  • You could either follow the industry norm or your internal company norm, to determine your LSA and/or MSS cut-off scores

What’s unique about ANCHOR ASSESSMENT?

About Anchor

  • A swift 10-minute assessment to determine LSA and MSS scores of candidates
  • Rigorously tested for reliability & validity
  • Highly accurate individual candidate report, enabling quick decision making on hiring

Why us?

  • 100% data security

  • Cloud and mobile friendly assessment platform

  • Scalable to 100,000+ simultaneous users/tests

  • Real-time assessment tracking

  • Instant reports on completion of tests

Can the candidates impersonate the assessment?

    No, they can never do that. Here is why?

  • All tests require 2 factor email & mobile phone verification