Assess - Assessing Internal Employees
Assessing Employees
Companies spend precious time & money doing Training Need Analysis (TNA) and on developing talent. Imagine the OPPORTUNITY LOSS when you invest in the wrong place? You lose
  • Precious time, effort and money
  • CEOs and CFOs question the ROI on L&D
  • Ability to compete in the market with your peers (as a company)
If you want to assess RIGHT, Planet Ganges has a solution for you.


  • TNA is long dead. The future is Org wide socio-metric behaviour assessment.
  • Our behaviour assessments will tell you not only what are the gaps but where they exactly nest.
  • Instead of wide spread training investments, you can target your dollars where it matters the most.
  • You can measure impact & ROI.

What’s unique about our BEHAVIOUR ASSESSMENTS?

  • Library of 37 leadership, managerial & foundational competencies/behaviours
  • 4500+ behaviour assessments can be configured in minutes across L1 to L4
  • Reliability & validity tested behaviour questions

Why us?

  • 100% data security

  • Cloud and mobile friendly assessment platform

  • Scalable to 100,000+ simultaneous users/tests

  • Real-time assessment tracking

  • Instant reports on completion of tests

What reports do we get?

  • Individual employee development report

  • Organization / team-wise capability strength + gap report

Can the employees impersonate the assessment?

No, they can never do that. Here is why?

  • All tests require email & mobile phone verification
  • Assessments are proctored
  • Behaviour assessments can be mapped to role & competency framework
  • Our AI algorithm compares photo uploaded & the video visuals