Buzz - Peer & Community Learning
peer and community learning
Adults learn best from casual and non-prescriptive conversations. Dialogue allows for free exchange of thoughts and ideas, for people to explore, examine and test
How much organisations wished there was a forum like What’s-app or Facebook or Twitter that was more in-house that their employees could be engaged with utmost ease, most of the time vs. use external forums? There isn’t anything like this?

You may be unaware. Planet Ganges has a solution for you

Ready to roll Buzz

Roll Buzz

I want to start really quick and I am open to having a democratic self-regulated community. How do I start using something like this?

It’s pretty easy actually

Just sign-up and share the names and email ids of your employees.

Roll Buzz
Custom Buzz

Custom Buzz

Custom Buzz

I also want to start really quick but I would like to have a regulated community? Some people may post bad things.

Yes, this is pretty easy too.

Just sign-up and share the names and email ids of your employees & the gate-keepers.

  • We set you up in 60 minutes and you are ready to roll.
  • Download the Planet Ganges APP from Play Store or Apple Store, login and get started.
  • Share your posts, upload files, videos, pictures, infographics etc. as you wish.
  • Form your small groups or post private messages, if you want to keep your conversations to limited people
  • Enable your notification to get notified on what’s happening all the time

Why us?

  • 100% data security

  • Cloud mobile learning platform (Android & iOS)

  • Scalable to 100,000+ simultaneous users

  • Real time standard/custom data analytics

What reports do I get?

    Our Analytics application is designed to provide you insights into -

  • Employee engagement and trending topics of discussions

  • Learning engagement, consumption, agility & curiosity

  • Individual & Org Learnability Index (attitude of learnability)

  • Custom analytics based on what you wish to measure?