Hire - Hire (first time) Right

Companies spend precious time & money on hiring talent and imagine what is the OPPORTUNITY LOSS when you get it wrong? You lose

  • Time, effort and money
  • A wrong hire is a wasted resource
  • Impacts your team/organization culture

Most importantly, you feel dejected and demotivated with your actions, something that can’t be quantified in terms of money.

If you want to HIRE the RIGHT TALENT, Planet Ganges has a solution for you.

Aptitude Assessments

  • candidate

    How do you know the candidate you are hiring has the right IQ?

  • people

    How do you ensure that your hiring time is not wasted with people you don’t want?

Planet Ganges APTITUDE ASSESSMENTS can save you

  • time and effort

    Precious time & effort

  • hiring process

    Accelerate your hiring process

  • candidates

    Enable you to find candidates with the right IQ fit for your company

What does our APTITUDE ASSESSMENT cover?

  • Numerical Ability

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Data Interpretation

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Verbal Ability

Behaviour Assessments

  • right candidate

    How do you know the candidate you are hiring is the right culture fit for your company?

  • right skills

    Do you just care about skills or do you care about attitude too?

Planet Ganges BEHAVIOUR ASSESSMENTS can help you

  • right behaviours

    Identify candidates with right behaviours

  • right culture fit

    Hire the right culture fit

  • interview evaluation time

    Save you precious interview evaluation time

What’s unique about our BEHAVIOUR ASSESSMENTS?

  • Library of 37 leadership, managerial & foundational competencies/behaviours

  • 4500+ behaviour assessments can be configured in minutes

  • Reliability & validity tested behaviour questions

Why us?

  • 100% data security

  • Cloud based assessment software

  • Scalable to 100,000+ simultaneous tests

  • Real-time assessment tracking

  • Instant reports on completion of tests

Can the candidates’ game the test? No

  • All tests require email & mobile phone verification

  • Tests require photo upload

  • Tests are proctored

  • Dynamic tests – questions are thrown randomly

  • Our AI algorithm compares photo uploaded & the video visuals

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