Learn - Cloud Mobile Learning APP
Cloud mobile learing app
Companies spending millions of dollars trying to acquire course Libraries and pushing learning content to their employees. The truth is 70% of employee learning happens outside of the company’s learning eco-system wherein employees learn from open source platforms.
If you wish to save millions of dollars and yet you want your employees to learn, Planet Ganges as a solution for you.

Learn from Planet Ganges is a

  • learning

    One-stop learning environment for your Organization

  • online courses

    Market place of 1,50,000+ world class online courses

  • mobile learning

    Cloud mobile learning platform available anytime, anywhere on the go

Ah! another learning platform.

  • How long would it take for us to go-live?

  • What if we told you, signup, give us 48 hours and get started!

  • Really?

  • Why don’t you try it?

If you want to know & develop the RIGHT kind of PEOPLE MANAGER / LEADER, Planet Ganges has a scalable solution for you.

plug and play learnPlug & Play Learn

You don’t have your own courses to host? No Problem.

  • Give us your catalogue of skills & behaviours your care about, we will set-up your course library of 10,000 courses in 48 hours.
  • Pay for courses taken as your employees learn.
  • What courses? View courses relevant to your employee skills from our global partners Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare & Safaribooks in one single place.
  • View your employee learning behaviour analytics real-time.

Custom LearnCustom Learn

You have your own courses and want to host live sessions and/or webinars? No Problem.

  • Give us your course catalogue and courses, we will set them up for you
  • Schedule and host live / self-paced courses for employees
  • Set-up and assign assessments to employees to test for learning
  • View your employee learning behaviour analytics real-time.
  • If you want access to Planet Ganges course library too, no problem.
  • You can pick & choose from our course library for your employees.

LearnCustom Learn

Why us?

  • 100% data security

  • Cloud mobile learning platform (Android & iOS)

  • Scalable to 100,000+ simultaneous users

  • Real time standard/custom data analytics

What reports do I get?

    Planet Ganges machine learning algorithm AvaTAQTM is designed to provide you insights into -

  • Learning engagement, consumption, agility & curiosity

  • Individual & Org Learnability Index (attitude of learnability)

  • Skills & proficiency gaps

  • Custom analytics based on what you wish to measure?